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Lakeridge High School Profile

The Community

The city of Lake Oswego is a suburban residential area eight miles south of Portland, Oregon with a population of approximately 40,000. The community values education and consistently demonstrates strong support for the Lake Oswego School District.

Lakeridge High School

Lakeridge High School promotes a respectful community where each individual is responsible for contributing to excellence. We want all students to acquire and develop essential academic and social-emotional skills that will help them experience success in our 21st century global society: Collaboration, Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking. Our four-year comprehensive public secondary school offers a challenging course of study aimed at meeting the needs of a predominantly college-bound student body of approximately 1200 students. Lakeridge is accredited through Cognia. An alternating day schedule with four 90-minute classes daily is offered to all students.

Read our full school profile in the PDF linked below.

Lakeridge High School Profile 2023-2024 PDF

LHS School Profile