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About Our Orchestra Program

Lakeridge’s orchestra program is designed to develop students' musical potential and aesthetic understanding through performance. The Philharmonic Orchestra welcomes students in grades 9-12 with prior experience on a string orchestral instrument, placing them into ensembles based on individual musicianship and the group's needs. The course emphasizes cultivating beautiful tones and intonation, music reading skills, technical proficiency, teamwork, and responsible rehearsal habits. Advanced students may be selected for the Symphony Orchestra, which continues to build on these foundational skills with higher performance and technical demand. Both orchestras require individual practice outside class and mandate performance attendance, allowing students to refine their talents and enjoy the collaborative music-making experience. Each course is yearlong, offers one credit, and can be repeated for credit, ensuring continuous growth and engagement in the fine arts.

Please see the Curriculum Guide for more information about courses and the school calendar for performances.