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Volunteer Application

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with the Lake Oswego School District. All adults working with our students must submit a volunteer application annually. Applications submitted between July 1-June 30 are valid for the current school year.

Please complete and submit your volunteer application, facilitated through the secure and confidential Raptor Management System. The LOSD Human Resources department will use the information provided to perform the background check. Once approved, an email will notify you and the school that you may volunteer with our students. Please allow up to three weeks to process your approval. 

To complete the application, you will need to submit the following four items: 1) Valid email address, which is necessary for notification of the status of your application; 2) Information matching your government-issued identification card, including your full legal name; 3) Social Security number to process a background check; without one, it takes longer to ensure the records are for the correct person, and 4) A signed copy of the Lake Oswego School Board Policy Acknowledgement Form. Ensure the document you upload is signed -- submitting an unsigned document will result in an automatically denied application.  

We offer accommodation for obtaining background checks upon request. Volunteers seeking accommodation, or should you have any questions, please email the LOSD HR department.

Application Steps:

Step 1: Download and sign the Lake Oswego School Board Acknowledgement form (best done on a desktop computer)
Step 2: Fill out the volunteer application and upload the School Board Acknowledgement Form when prompted.
Step 3: Wait for an email notifying you of an approved background check; approval can take up to two weeks. Once approved, your schools will receive a notice that you may volunteer.
Frequently Asked Questions